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Time is the Simplest Thing

by Clifford D. Simak

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Fawcett Crest

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

His strange telepathic powers had trapped the secrets of a distant world

Back cover text

Out there ... in the soundless black of the universe, his mind crawled over the distant stars, probing the secrets of unknown planets, wresting new bits of knowledge from ancient worlds...

Spaceships had not yet reached the stars, but telepaths like Shep Blaine could project their minds beyond the barriers of time and space.

Blaine was one of Earth's top telepathic explorers ... until that last trip ... until that awesome, alien creature slithered into his brain and turned him against himself ... against his own world and time.

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Interior text

Death was moments away...

The bellowing mob pressed toward him and the noose tightened about his neck. Fear had frozen him solid. He could not even raise his hands to loosen the rope. He could not even scream.

There was an explosion of silence — a split second, not of blackout, but of unawareness, and suddenly he was alone.

There was no grass.

There were no trees.

There were no men, nor any sign of men.

Astonishment numbed his brain as it tried to grasp the significance of what had happened. Then the full horror of it struck him.

He has gone back in time. He was now in the past. But it was a dead past, and he was the only living thing existing in this moment on earth.

He, and nothing else.