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S.O.S. From Three Worlds

by Murray Leinster

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1966

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

Super-Medic for interstellar catastrophes

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S.O.S. From Three Worlds

Virtually the only connecting links between the innumerable colonized planets were the Med Ships — lone starships carrying only one man and one beast. These trained teams of super-medical engineers took their very lives in their hands on every planetfall. And for the team of Calhoun and Murgatroyd, three calls for help meant three challenges beyond all the experiences of all their systems.

Plague, mystery, and menace marked the missions — and the human enemies they faced on each world were just as virulent as the microscopic ones.

Murray Leinster, dean of science-fiction writers, is at his thought-provoking best in this exciting space adventure.

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Interior text

Calhoun slid into the pilot's seat as the Med Ship came out of overdrive into normal space. Its vision-screens swirled. They should have pictured myriads of suns of every imaginable tint and degree of brilliance. The Milky Way should have been recognizable though subtly changed, as the Esclipus Twenty entered the galaxy of the planet Kryder II for which it was bound.

But there never had been a breakout like this.

The Med Ship was certainly light-centuries from its starting point. Yet, there were no stars, no Milky Way, no nebulas. There was absolutely nothing to match up with reasonable expectations.

Calhoun was sure that, however impossible it seemed, someone had tampered with the Med Ship. Someone didn't want him to reach Kryder II, to investigate the weird plague that was destroying its population.