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STAR Science Fiction Stories No. 2

Edited by Frederik Pohl

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

14 Stories Never Before Published Anywhere

Back cover text

The immediate and huge success of the first volume of STAR SCIENCE FICTION STORIES made two things clear: that the public for superior science fiction is growing immensely, and that a second volume ought to follow the first as soon as enough good stories could be found.

Here is that second volume, fourteen excellent stories by some of the best-known authors in the field and the best newcomers. It is a feast of imagination and adventure — and first-rate writing.

All these stories are brand-new. They appear here for the first time.

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Interior text

Alfred Bester
tells a fiery and funny time-travel story of a future America.

Theodore Sturgeon
draws a moving portrait of a lost visitor from afar.

Lester Del Rey
recounts the odd and haunting affair of a robot's effect on a marriage.

Anthony Boucher
depicts explorers' adventures on a planet where the man-animal relationship is reversed.

...and there are ten other first-rate stories of worlds near and far, now and in the future — told not only with imagination and excitement but with fine writing and characterization.

The first volume of Star Science Fiction Stories was called a "prime-quality collection" by The New York Times and was a tremendous success. We are confident that the second volume will win still more friends for the fastest-growing field of modern writing — science fiction.

None of these stories has ever appeared in print before.