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The Super Barbarians

by John Brunner

Cover artist: Edward Valigursky

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

What Chance Had The Earthmen Against ... The Super Barbarians

Back cover text

The Super Barbarians

The Acre was the only part of an entire world where Earthmen were allowed to live as they pleased and as they were accustomed. For elsewhere on Quallavarra, humanity was forced into servitude by the Vorra, THE SUPER BARBARIANS who had somehow managed to conquer space.

But within the Acre, the underling Terrestrials had cooked up a neat method of keeping their conquerors from stamping them out altogether. They had uncovered a diabolical Earth secret that the Vorra couldn't abide — and yet couldn't do without.

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Interior text

The invisible hand in the galactic glove

Gareth Shaw lived in overpaid ease as steward on a Vorrish estate — serving the conquerors of Earth faithfully. Then came the day when he was sent to the Acre, a few square city blocks where, it was rumored, Earthmen lived autonomously and where no right-thinking person would venture without trembling.

There, Shaw discovered smoldering rebellion against the masters and a devious poverty-stricken plot to create trouble. But his greatest discovery proved to be within himself — for he found that he himself was to be the key of that desperate scheme — and it was his life against Earth's future!

THE SUPER BARBARIANS is one of John Brunner's best.

Cast of characters

Gareth Shaw
In bondage to an extraterrestrial feudal lord, he was to be the key man in a daring conspiracy.

This harem beauty hid intelligence and cunning under her voluptuous languor.

The robber baron was always a bit baffled by the very underlings he had defeated.

Pwill, Jr.
The wastrel heir was linked to the Earthmen by a craving he could not control.

Marijane Lee
A resistance fighter in a world where distrust was necessary for survival.

Judge Olafsson
Was he the masters' agent or the agent for someone unsuspected?