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Conquest of the Space Sea

by Robert Moore Williams

Cover artist: Edward Valigursky

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1955

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Beyond Pluto they faced a challenge no man could overcome

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Part of Ace Double: The Galactic Breed

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Interior text

Had man reached the last uncrossable barrier?

Planet after planet had succumbed to Earthmen's spaceward drive. Now there remained only the great unknown that existed beyond the Solar System. What Earthmen did not know was that outside Pluto another terrible force lay in wait — determined that man had conquered his last world.

Jed Ambro's job on Pluto was supervising the training of robots for the great day when man would push out into the Space Sea. But that was before he found himself suddenly transformed into a flesh-and-blood robot manipulated by an "alien" power.

Science-fiction at its best, this new novel opens up yet another frontier of the explosive vastness of space.

Cast of characters

Jed Ambro
He was a hero who had to use the words and voice of a traitor.

Pop Ridgeway
A master mechanic who understood the music of the spheres.

Mr. Konar
No man knew the fullness of his secret power — and those who suspected could not talk.

Gail Tempe
Because she wanted the freedom of infinite space, she made herself the slave of a tyrant.

He was considered and idiot because he could only play chess in four dimensions!

A thing of polished metal and wires, it came along for more than the ride.