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Contraband Rocket

by Lee Correy

Cover artist: Edward Valigursky

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1956

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

To the moon — or bust!

Back cover text

Part of Ace Double: The Forgotten Planet

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Interior text

Make way for the moonbound!

When Chubb Delany saw the slim, graceful rocket ship, The Absyrtis standing in Luna Louis' junkyard, his heart leaped. It was a beauty and Chubb wanted more than anything to refit it a soar to the moon.

Only space flight belonged to the experts in the year 2050 and private citizens like Chubb couldn't get off the ground — at least not in their own ships.

But Chubb and his cohorts in the SW Rocket Society were out to buck the UN Bureau of Space Commerce and prove to the world that the universe should be opened to adventurers like themselves.

It was a rough order. Because no one could be sure that the old ship could get off the ground. And then — if it could stay off.