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I, Robot

by Isaac Asimov

Cover artist: Robert E. Schultz

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1956

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Man-like machines rule the world! Fascinating Tales of a Strange Tomorrow

Back cover text

Tomorrow's weird world — where man is obsolete!

Here is a whole panorama of strange and thrilling tales about the Earth in the years ahead when robots — man-like machines — threaten to control the world.

Here are the headline stories of tomorrow when...

Robots help man reach the stars, run for political office, out-think humans, rule the world, revolt against their human masters.

"An exciting science thriller."
— New York Times

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Interior text

The Most Dramatic Robot Stories Ever Published!

Earth: Year 2058

Here are hair-raising tales about near-human mechanical men, written with superlative suspense by Isaac Asimov, master of exciting science fiction:

A brilliant woman scientist has to prove that one of the candidates for political office is not a man, but a machine.

A mind-reading robot gives romantic advice to a love-sick scientist with startling results.

A fear-crazed robot outwits his pursuers and attacks a woman.

A mining robot on Mercury goes berserk, until he is cured by logic.

You'll be jet-propelled into a strange new future when you read these spine-tingling stories about the fantastic world of tomorrow and the robots who try to rule it.