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Space Captain

by Murray Leinster

Cover artist: Gray Morrow

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1966

Cover price: 45¢


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Cover tagline

Interstellar chase of a space buccaneer

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Part of Ace Double: The Mad Metropolis

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Interior text

Boomerang spaceship

Trent, captain of the space freighter Yarrow, came of a long line of spaceship commanders ... and all of them had been troubled by pirates. Due to the nature of the space drive, which permitted flight to the stars past the speed of light, ships in flight were in more danger to each other than from anything else. It was this ability of one ship's drive to blow out any drive near it that made space pirates so difficult to eradicate.

But this time Trent went into overdrive with a special device aboard — on that would turn the table and make space permanently barred to pirates.

Trent was skeptical himself — and his skepticism stood him in good stead when he found himself more pirate bait than pirate baiter — and his secret weapon a space-warping double-edged boomerang.