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Our Friend the Atom

by Heinz Haber

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Dell

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 35¢


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The unexplored world

Centuries ago, maps of the world showed only parts of Europe and Africa. Beyond the bounds of the known world was terra incognita — the unknown regions.

There are no longer unknown regions on our maps. But man's pioneering urge has taken him deep into a new kind of territory: the world of matter and energy, the world of the atom.

It is a world of life and death, of promise and doom. It is a world we must know and control if we wish to survive. It is a world that every man, woman, and child lives in, and that none of us can disregard or flee from.

This is the story of the discovery and exploration of that world; of the perils encountered, the obstacles surmounted the rewards and dangers we may expect. Written for you by the head if Walt Disney's science department, this book has one purpose: to take you into the unknown regions, and to make you know them.

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Interior text

Three thousand years ago a man wondered about the difference between fire and water.

Fifteen hundred years ago a man tried to change lead into gold.

Last year an atom-powered submarine was launched; and last year a girl died of radiation burns.

The dramatic search for the atom is over; the crucial search for its control has only begun. All of us — of all ages — need to know more about the history and use of the atom.

Walt Disney, with all the resources and talent at his command, has set down the story of the atom. Here it is: a simple, exciting, illustrated volume — a layman's guide to a better world.