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Alien Earth and Other Stories

Edited by Roger Elwood and Sam Moskowitz

Cover artist: Jack Faragasso

Publisher: MacFadden

Pub year: 1969

Cover price: 75¢


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Cover tagline

Man discovers his limitations — and his dangers — in a world where the trees talk, robots think and heartless machines make the final decisions.

Back cover text

In Alien Worlds

... a man learns wisdom from the trees and risks death to keep his forbidden knowledge...a time traveler tries to save the world from destruction and is hunted down because he doesn't "belong" ... a sailor jumps ship and finds a land where the earth is pure gold, fiercely guarded by killer ants.

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Interior text

The Automatons had the Bodies and Minds of Men — but none of the Human Passions

The robots were so perfectly made they rebelled against their masters and took over the government. Then they made laws: no love, no sex, no childbirth. From now on the world would be repopulated by machine-made duplicates.

Man's future would end with the present generation — unless a way could be found to teach the robots to feel. But could even the most beautiful woman in the world arouse passion in a creature with no emotions?