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The Tortured Planet (That Hideous Strength)

by C.S. Lewis

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Avon

Pub year:

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

C.S. Lewis' science-fiction masterpiece of a super race dedicated to evil!

Back cover text

Science on the rampage!

The next step in evolution — a new race endowed with eternal life-giving energy.

"From now on, every human being is a candidate for this new species — or its slave — OR PERHAPS ITS FOOD!"

An immoral and diabolical army of scientists, possessed of the ultimate secret of science, plans to use it to subjugate the human race and recondition it into a society of ordered, systematic, total sin!

"In his usual polished prose, the author creates an elaborate satiric picture of war between morality and deviltry."
— The New Yorker

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Interior text

The master plan

They gathered at Belbury, a wildly florid Edwardian mansion on a dark and lonely heath — the members of the dread N.I.C.E. — secret society for total world domination.

Their credo: "Man has got to take charge of man — which means that some men must take charge of the rest by methods of sterilization of the unfit, liquidation of backward races, selective breeding, pre-natal education ... BIOCHEMICAL COMDITIONING AND DIRECT MANIPULATION OF THE BRAIN. create — A NEW TYPE OF MAN!" Leagued with power beyond the planets and older than time — they had already captured the Press, superseded the police ... and had all but seized the government!

"Mr. Lewis ... has a powerful, discriminating and ... poetic mind, great learning, startling wit, and overwhelming imagination."
— Saturday Review