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All The Traps of Earth

by Clifford D. Simak

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: MacFadden

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 50¢


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Man faces the challenge of an ever-expanding galactic future

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In the world of the future there may be robots that think — space travel — inter-planetary trade wars, and strange creatures from other worlds. But human passions will remain the same.

In this collection of brilliant short stories, a noted science fiction writer shows a universe in which everything is unfamiliar but man's unchanging emotions — self preservation, greed, honor, cowardice and love.

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Interior text

What do you expect from science fiction?

A more-than-human robot risks the perils of galactic flight to escape ALL THE TRAPS OF EARTH.

A deadly alien creature and a human killer stalk each other through the sleeping city in GOOD NIGHT, MR. JAMES.

Space travel?
The engineer of an interplanetary ship discovers that eternal loneliness is a CONDITION OF EMPLOYMENT for his job.

THE SITTERS had found the secret of eternal youth and were willing to share it — on their own terms.

Whatever your choice in science fiction, you'll find it in this collection of wide-ranging stories — each different in mood, in style, and in subject matter.