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The Best of Judith Merril

by Judith Merril

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Warner

Pub year: 1976

Cover price: $1.25


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Science fiction the famous author considers her finest.

Back cover text

"Judith Merril was one of the pioneers in the feminine invasion of science fiction, and delightfully so. Her stories brought a touch of humanity to the nuts-and-bolts of sf's Golden Age."
— Isaac Asimov

No one projects herself more penetratingly into the psyche of the women of future centuries than Judith Merril. With the probe of her imagination, as precise as a space shot, she envisions the problems they will face and how those problems will try their souls: the mother whose newborn bears the effects of radiation; the girl in whose body a new race must begin; the women who must rule a generation-spanning search through space for new settling grounds; the woman who must be all women to the male crew of a space ship.

No matter how mechanized our journeys into space become, inside the space suits we are human; and Judith Merril predicts we always will be.

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Interior text

Imagine, with Judith Merril, what happens inside...

A boy who has grown almost to manhood on a space ship dominated by women. What will his role be when the space ship finds the promised planet and society reshapes itself?

A woman, one of a line of women who have been for six generations explorers into space. What does she feel as her daughter embarks on yet another journey into the unknown?

A man facing the entry of aliens into our world. How can he decide whether their message of love is genuine or propaganda to soften us up for an alien invasion?

These are some of the human beings in the throes of human emotion you will meet in these stories that Judith Merril calls her very best in over twenty years of science fiction writing.