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The Mastermind of Mars

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Cover artist: Roy Krenkel, Jr.

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 40¢


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An American faces the super-science of Barsoom's strangest savant

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The Mastermind of Mars

Ulysses Paxton, U.S.A., awakened from a battlefield in France to find himself the prisoner of the strangest super-scientist of a strange planet. Paxton, it seemed, was valuable to that master mind as an apprentice because he would have no loyalties to interfere with the work he was called to do.

For Ras Thavas' weird experiments involved transplanting the brains of ape and man, and of beauty and hag. But Paxton was an Earthman similar to John Carter, the Warlord of Barsoom, and Paxton realized that he had to undo the evil he had helped to create.

The story of Paxton's fight to right the wrong done to a lovely woman is a Burroughs Mars novel that ranks with the best.

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Interior text

Super-Surgery or Super-Villainy?

When Valla Dia awoke, she found her beautiful features and lithe, young body had been switched to that of an old and ugly hag. But it had been the super-science of the great Ras Thavas, not the ravages of time, that had caused the transformation. For the mastermind of Mars had learned the art of transplanting one victim's brain to the body of another — and the hag queen Xaxa had desired her youth restored.

The heart of Ulysses Paxton, American soldier, apprenticed servant of Ras Thavas, went out to the saddened girl. And he resolved to undo the injustice that had been done. Too late he discovered that it might be at the risk of his life and limb.

Tarzan's creator creates a stirring word-picture of Mars and its action-packed marvels.