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The Golden Apples of the Sun

by Ray Bradbury

Cover artist: Joe Mugnaini

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1954

Cover price: 35¢


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22 new stories of the weird and the beautiful by the master of science-fiction

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Praise from the Critics for:
Ray Bradbury

"...a superb teller of popular stories with an off-beat imagination."
Saturday Review

"A man with a vivid imagination and the vivid words to clothe it."
Chicago Sun Times

"...brilliant and fascinating ... original and different."
Chicago Tribune

"...a born story teller"
Detroit News

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Interior text

Here are twenty-two of Ray Bradbury's tales of the extraordinary, the haunting, and the beautiful.

Bradbury can make your blood run cold, and in the next minute bring a warm tear to your eye, and then turn around and leave you chuckling with wry laughter. He can invoke the nostalgia of lost childhood years, the terror of nameless fears, the golden happiness of unfettered spirits, the despair of frustrated dreamers....

"At his startling best...."
New York Times