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The First Men In The Moon

by H.G. Wells

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 50¢


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Now a major motion picture

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...Alone, cut off from the rest of mankind by the vast distances of space, the first explorers from earth face the searing heat of Moon day, strange plants that poison the mind. Weird, insect-like Moon creatures, desperate battles in underground caverns lit by blue fire and throbbing to the roar of a civilization no man has ever seen...

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A science fiction classic now a major motion picture

The First Men in the Moon is a masterpiece of adventure by the first and greatest writer of science fiction.

Writing in an age before astronauts and Sputniks, H.G. Wells created a fascinating and vividly real story of inexperienced amateurs who build their space vehicle with their own hands and, become the first explorers from Earth to land on the Moon.

It is a book packed with unforgettable scenes — from the first flesh-crawling view of the monstrous Moon creatures, to the fight in the cave of the Selenites and the last, haunting message sent back by a lone survivor to Earth....