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The Ant Men

by Eric North

Cover artist: Jack Faragasso

Publisher: MacFadden

Pub year: 1967

Cover price: 60¢


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Book detail for The Ant Men

Cover tagline

Man hurtles backward in time ... and finds a nightmare world where pre-historic monsters rule the earth

Back cover text

The last five men on earth

...that's how the small expedition team felt — lost in unexplored desert and facing a dangerous enemy.

On the second day giant insects abducted the team's leader — and then there were four.

The next night the youngest member of the group was killed — and then there were three.

Then the other men raced for safety but the weakest couldn't make it — and then there were two.

Just two men against an army of super-intelligent, extraordinarily strong creatures. But when the older of the two men surrendered to the enemy, there was just one — but only for a short, terrible time.

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Interior text

The Monsters that walked like men

...were six-foot-tall ants with frighteningly human characteristics. They stood upright, lived in cities, developed a language, organized armies...and devised weapons that could destroy all of mankind.

Now an angry army of them faced the five scientists. The men had been travelling in the vast, unexplored desert when they came upon the ants.

The insects offered the scientists a deal: Their lives in exchange for their souls...their minds...even parts of their bodies. For the ant men wanted to be more men than ants — and the scientists offered the perfect answer.