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Planet of the Dreamers

by John D. MacDonald

Cover artist: Rod Dunham

Publisher: Pocket Books

Pub year: 1953

Cover price: 25¢


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Inhabitants of another planet invade Earth by thought control

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The story of two worlds:

Earth: Where scientist Bard Lane and beautiful Sharan Inly battle to help Man reach the stars.

The Planet of the Dreamers: Its strange inhabitants use hypnotic control to destroy Mankind's cherished hope of space travel.

The Dreamers, an ancient race of men and women, live in a vast tower on a dying planet. Through their dreams they have found a way to contact Earth, but they believe that Earth's inhabitants are only the stuff of which their endless reveries are made — "dream creatures" to be toyed with ruthlessly and whose plans for spaceflight must be destroyed.

Then one of The Dreamers comes to realize that Mankind is indeed real. How he projects himself into Bard Lane's mind and falls in love with the beguiling Sharan Inly makes Planet of the Dreamers one of the best space-travel yarns of any year. It is a story that will appeal to the general reader as well as to the science-fiction fan.

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Interior text


Bard Lane listened to his own voice with horror. He didn't remember ever speaking these word into a Dictaphone, and yet the voice was unmistakably his own. It said:

"Dr. Lane, I am taking this method of communicating with you. Do not be alarmed and do not doubt me. I am physically nearly four and a half light years from you....I have projected my thoughts into your mind. I have taken over your body for the moment. I am anxious for your space project to succeed. I do not want to destroy. But there are dangers which you do not as yet understand...dangers from the people of my remote planet. Take warning!"

Bard Lane and Sharan Inly, his beautiful partner, stared at each other in amazement. Had they both gone completely mad? And if they were not mad, how could they ever make mankind believe this mortal danger from a mysterious race known only as The Dreamers?