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The Syndic

by C.M. Kornbluth

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1955

Cover price: 25¢


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Cover tagline

America in the twenty-first century ... the startling story of a tomorrow without law or morals

Back cover text


Here is a shocking but realistic picture of America in the twenty-first century — a wild, chaotic America, but a very possible America. An America where people pay protection instead of taxes — where polo is played in jeeps with 50-caliber machine guns. An America full of the wonders of tomorrow driven by passions that are ageless.

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Interior text

Fat, happy, hedonistic — they never had it so good

Life in Syndic territory was great. New ways, new politics, and a new morality. Every luxury the twenty-first century could offer — and a free and easy atmosphere in which to enjoy them.

Here is an exciting story of tomorrow's America — a story of adventure and intrigue set against the glittering background of a brave new world of the future.