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Star Ways

by Poul Anderson

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1956

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

"Enjoyable from first to last. Fast-moving and convincing."
— Astounding Science-Fiction

Back cover text

Nomads of the galaxy

The starships out beyond the edge of civilized society had their own code, that of the Nomads. Each of the mighty space ships was a man-made world, housing a clan of thousands of space gypsies, voyaging endlessly through the cosmos, pioneering for humanity.

STAR WAYS is an action-packed saga of these Nomads, and of Joachim of the starship Peregrine — to whom fell the task of acting as both bait and trap for the deadliest foe the Nomad worlds had ever encountered.

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Interior text

"Five of our worlds are missing!"

That was the essence of the report that shocked the galactic Nomads at their annual meeting. For each of the five mighty star-ships reported vanished was a world of its own — a man-made, self-sustaining city-state housing thousands of people.

The Nomads themselves were an unplanned byproduct of man's conquest of the stars. They were the gypsies of the distant future, the restless rovers of outer space. But to Joachim of the Peregrine they represented a way of life that was to be dearly defended.

So it fell to him to make his own world-ship the bait is a cosmic trap set to catch the galaxy's unknown foe-men!

Cast of characters

Joachim Henry
As long as there were new planets to explore and unknown stars to visit, he'd never settle down.

Thorkild Sean
He dared to ignore the rule that said no Earthman should court an alien female.

MacTeague Nicki
She knew the motive behind the word, and the mind behind the thought.

She was beautiful, entirely desirable, and not altogether human.

Hadji Petroff
Because this ex-Nomad had stolen a barbarian world, he too had reverted to barbarism.

Trevelyan Micah
This secret agent of the cosmos made an alliance with his bitterest enemies.