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The Deep Range

by Arthur C. Clarke

Cover artist: Paul Lehr

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1958

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

A thrilling novel of life under the seas one hundred years from now

Back cover text

Underwater Challenge

He was a misfit — a space-ship engineer who had developed such fear of outer space that he could no longer function.

Permanently separated from his wife and children on Mars, he faced a terrible future back on Earth — unless through psychiatry he could create a new life as a warden of the oceans' depths.

Taut with excitement and suspense, this is a thrilling novel of tomorrow and a fascinating picture of the weird and sometimes terrifying life beneath the seas in a future when submarine patrols harvest the water's wealth to feed the world.

"Superior adventure fiction by one of the best performers in his field."
— San Francisco Chronicle

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Interior text

Adventure under the sea

A former space-ship engineer who tries to remake his shattered life...

A beautiful marine researcher who falls in love with him and hopes he will forget his wife and family back on Mars...

A reckless, handsome "whaleboy" — one of the men in the crack submarine patrol...

...These are the unusual and exciting people you will meet in this suspenseful novel of life in the twenty-first century, when men have turned to the seas for food and raw materials, and killer sharks, sea serpents and giant squid challenge man's right to raid the oceans' depths for survival.

Written by one of today's masters of science fiction, this book offers absorbing entertainment for science fiction fans as well as the general reader.

"Combining his first-hand researches and his poetic imagination, Clarke makes the undersea world a thing of beauty, terror and wonder; and his scientific extrapolation is vividly convincing."
— New York Herald Tribune