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The Astounding Science Fiction Anthology

Edited by John W. Campbell, Jr.

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Berkley

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 50¢


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In the history of modern science fiction no one single magazine has shaped the taste of an entire generation of SF fans more than has John w. Campbell's Astounding.

Recently renamed Analog, Astounding printed a fantastic amount of the very best in modern SF.

John W. Campbell himself has picked an outstanding array of some of the finest stories that have appeared in the magazine from the very day of its inception.

"John W. Campbell of Astounding is unquestionably the most important editor in the history of science fiction to date."
— H.H. Holmes,
New York Times

"An A-1 collection."
— Fletcher Pratt
Saturday Review

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High moments

From John W. Campbell, Jr.'s Astounding Science Fiction Anthology:

Some very interesting things happen in the far-off Crab Nebula when two spaceships encounter each other, one containing men and the other: aliens...

On a certain distant planet the stars were only visible every two thousand years, and then something happened...

A strange secret lay buried beneath the sands of Mars in an ancient vault that was sealed with an unbreakable time lock...