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Other Worlds of Clifford Simak

by Clifford D. Simak

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1960

Cover price: 50¢


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Six science-fiction stories from the original $3.75 edition titled The Worlds of Clifford Simak

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Clifford Simak is a magician. With a pass of his hands over the typewriter, he conjures up marvels that excite, dazzle, enchant and finally set your imagination to racing so that you become something of a magician, too.

Good science-fiction stories are jewels. When they are written by a master like Clifford Simak they become collectors' items.

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Interior text

An invitation to investigate the islands, the images and the ideas that inhabit the Other Worlds of Clifford Simak

Dusty Zebra
Trader loved all the little zebras he received in return for his miraculous cleaning gadgets. But then, all that accumulated dust had to be deposited SOMEwhere.

Carbon Copy
Everybody was happy with the handsome new housing development until the alien practical joker perpetrated one joke too many.

Founding Father
Self-delusion is a helpful drug — in small doses.

Idiot's Crusade
Which turned out not to be so idiotic after all.

Death Scene
Clairvoyance can prevent wars — could it also deaden the excitement of living?

Green Thumb
Which won't surprise people who have one and should be included in every gardening manual.