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Star Surgeon

by James White

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

The fight to save a man-made marvel in space

Back cover text

James White

In his first book, HOSPITAL STATION, James white established himself as a writer of science fiction of the highest order: STAR SURGEON carries the story of the inmates of "Sector General" further.

Here are all the strange and not so strange creatures who inhabit James White's hospital in space as both doctors and patients: the human doctor Conway, plus two-ton doctors with four-ton patients, creatures which are multi-legged and telepathic, gas breathers, underwater behemoths — a wild and woolly assortment of denizens from all parts of the galaxy.

"Sector General" is a mercy station — a place where all kinds from all worlds are welcome. But for the first time, the hospital itself is threatened by creatures too different to understand its purpose and so powerful that they can cause utter havoc!

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Interior text

The Hospital Known As "Sector General"

"The vast multi-level structure was in Galactic Sector Twelve, midway between the rim of the parent galaxy and the densely populated systems of the Greater Magellanic Cloud — this was a hospital to end all hospitals. Hundreds of different environments were accurately reproduced here, any extreme of heat, cold, pressure, gravity, radiation or atmosphere necessary for the patients and staff it contained. Such a tremendous and complex structure was far beyond the resources of any one planet, so that hundreds of worlds had each fabricated sections of it and transported them to the assembly point."

And this was the magnificent undertaking that was now threatened by the conflict of two warring groups who wanted to hold "Sector General" in pawn.