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A Choice of Gods

by Clifford D. Simak

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Berkley

Pub year: 1973

Cover price: 75¢


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One of the 6 best science fiction novels of the year

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A few human beings were left on the deserted earth, along with numberless robots. The human beings — including a small tribe of American Indians — made do. The Indians returned to ancient tribal ways; the others stubbornly tried to rebuild technology. The robots — some stayed with the humans performing their service functions, some went off to create a religiously-based society of their own.

Millennia later, a star-traveler returns from the center of the universe. The people of earth had been found and were planning to return. But something else had been found, too — the central intelligence of the universe!

"Going far beyond the limits of ordinary imagination, A CHOICE OF GODS is a powerful novel of mankind caught in the grip of immense and unknown cosmic forces." Science Fiction Book Club

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Interior text

(From the 1977 Berkley Medallion edition.)

We finally located and transported here all the books that we had listed. With the art objects we sought to salvage we encountered greater problems, principally because with them space was a greater consideration than it is with books. We had to painfully select and choose with the greatest care. How many Rembrandts, for example, could we allow ourselves, knowing that each extra Rembrandt would rob us of a Courbet or a Renoir? Because of the very lack of space, both in transportation and in storage, we were forced to choose the smaller canvas rather than the larger. The same criterion applied to all other categories of the arts.

There are times when I could weep, thinking of all the great endeavors and accomplishments of mankind we were forced to leave to be forever lost....