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Star of Danger

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1965

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

He ventured where expert spacemen never dared

Back cover text

Larry Montray came to the planet of the blood-red sun only to find that contact with Darkover's hostile people was barred by Terran authorities as too risky.

Nevertheless, he managed to get in with a native clan. But his triumph turned to terror when he found himself enmeshed with the furious combat of alien beings, unknown beasts, and weird non-human intelligences.

Though he did not at first realize it, his actions were to decide the fate of the entire Terran bridgehead.

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Interior text

DARKOVER: The fourth planet of a medium-sized dark red sun, so dim that it had a name only in star-catalogues.

DARKOVER: A world smaller than Earth, with four satellites; a world at an arrested cultural level, with an unearthly form of science.

DARKOVER: A world with natives that were human — and intelligent beings that were not.

"Listen," the Darkovan said, with suppressed violence. "Do you think you can simply disappear? You damned Terrans who can never let any man live his own life or die his own death? If you visit my people — and you vanish — do you suppose the Terran lords will ever believe it was not a deep-laid plot? You head blind Terrans without even telepathy enough to know when a man speaks truth...."