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by C.M. Kornbluth

Cover artist: Charles Binger

Publisher: Pennant

Pub year: 1953

Cover price: 25¢


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He tore the lid off the greatest secret of our time

A novel of the first moon rocket

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Praise from the critics for: Takeoff

"One of the most satisfying science fiction books of the season ... written by a man who is master of his craft..."
San Francisco Call Bulletin

"An angry book, written with a cold, fist-clenching fury ... a good novel in any league..."
San Francisco Chronicle

"...a skillful interweaving of murder mystery and science fiction adventure."
The New York Times

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Interior text

Tomorrow the moon

Out in the remote California desert Mike Novak was sitting on a powder keg. He was working on the biggest thing since the atom bomb — and they were out to stop him!

Here is a wildly exciting story torn from tomorrow's headlines — the story of man's first triumphant step into outer space. It is an unforgettable, nerve-clenching novel of the first moon-rocket and the men who dared to build it.