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Doomsday Morning

by C.L. Moore

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1957

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

With icy, expert fingers, C.L. Moore paints a chilling portrait of tomorrow ... in this suspenseful tale of America in the 21st century! "We've waited a long tome for this ... novel."
— Astounding Science Fiction

Back cover text

2000 A.D.

Things had changed in America. A vast, powerful and complex political machine known as Comus (Communication U.S.) now held the country in its merciless grip.

COMUS knew what every man, woman and child was thinking, feeling, desiring.

COMUS knew exactly how to shape, guide, bully and seduce its reluctant citizens into final submission.

And then came the day of reckoning....

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Interior text

Terror hung in the air...

like an unexploded cloudburst, and stillness fell upon the earth like a sudden blow.

It was too late for panic. Somehow the people knew they were but moments away from eternity — and the enormity of it had frozen their minds, paralyzed their feelings.

There was a chance — a small chance — wrapped in a tiny piece of metal no bigger than my fist.

I looked at my trembling, sweating hands and marveled that in them I held the future of the world! ...