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The Radio Beasts

by Ralph Milne Farley

Cover artist: Ed Emshwiller

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 40¢


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Book detail for The Radio Beasts

Cover tagline

War against the ant-masters of Venus

Back cover text

When Myles Cabot invented radio matter-transmission, he used it to visit our neighboring world of Venus. There he found himself on a world of giant insects and winged men who conversed by means of natural radio. And there, on the Radio Planet, he found a bride, a kingdom, and a home.

But the menace of the giant Formians, intelligent antlike beings who had once been the masters of this world, was a constant threat to his new realm. THE RADIO BEASTS is an adventure-filled and colorful science-fiction classic of the war between these monsters, the embattled humans, and the huge bee-like beings who held the balance of power.

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Interior text

On a world of electronic beings

Shot accidently into space while experimenting with the radio transmission of matter, Myles Cabot had landed on Venus, and in two short years he had changed the entire course of civilization on that planet. He led the human race of Cupians to victory over the huge ant men, married the lovely Cupian princess Lilla, and proceeded to make scientific discoveries in peace, until...

In one sweeping blow the ant men made their comeback and Cabot found himself alone in an alien land, his King murdered, his wife unprotected in a castle miles to the north, his people vanquished. So northward he marched, a million obstacles in his way, with only his desire to help his adopted people and his loved ones to keep him going.

Cast of characters

Myles Cabot
He had used all his earthly scientific genius to help the human race of Venus gain power — could the minds of mere insects vanquish him?

Princess Lilla
She had given all her beauty and love to the earth man. Was she to be the one to order his death?

Prince Yuri
He had fallen as low as an insect in his quest for power, and that was why he was winning!

Prince Toron
Rightful recipient of the crown — or murdering aspirant to it?

Queen Formis
She could have been the powerful leader of her people, but chose instead to be an empty shell.

One of the feared whistling bees of Venus, he held the balance of power on the planet between his wings.