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Special Deliverance

by Clifford D. Simak

Cover artist: Michael Whelan

Publisher: Ballantine

Pub year: 1982

Cover price: $2.75


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Cover tagline

A Charming Tale of Adventure and Survival

Back cover text

Innocents Abroad

It all started when Professor Edward Lansing wanted to know who really wrote that great term paper on Shakespeare and learned that his student had bought it from a slot machine. Going to investigate, the good professor found the machine, which gave him two keys and sent him in search of other slot machines. The third machine he tried took his money and transported him to a strange new world.

Here Lansing meets up with an odd assortment of fellow travelers — including a take-charge Brigadier, a pompous Parson, a female engineer, a lady poet, and Jurgens, a caretaker robot — all of whom are as mystified as he. Plucked from their own timelines, they were players in a game without rules and, seemingly, without a goal.

Thus begins an extraordinary quest by these unwilling adventurers, one that leads them to an immense, featureless blue cube and into an ancient and mysterious city, tempts them with even stranger worlds, and, finally, provides them with a life-or-death challenge....

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Interior text

Triple Jackpot

The First Slot Machine told Lansing an extremely dirty story, then gave him two keys, alarming instructions, and a painful kick in the ankle.

The Second Slot Machine paid out a couple of pocketfuls of gold coins of a kind he had never seen.

The Third Slot Machine took his money — and transported him to a world he could not have imagined in his worst nightmare.