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The Martian Chronicles

by Ray Bradbury

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Bantam

Pub year: 1962

Cover price: 50¢


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World-famous stories of man's first interplanetary conquest by the most imaginative writer of our time.

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Ray Bradbury

"The biggest name in science-fiction is unquestionably that of Ray Bradbury. The CHRONICLES is a book to delight every reader who can enjoy watching a master of the short story use the perspective of the future to sharpen his comments on humanity..."
Chicago Sun-Times

Ray Bradbury's sometimes eerie, sometimes poetic fantasy about the colonization of Mars, is already a modern classic. His Successful blending of fancy and satire, terror and compassion, makes him one of today's most brilliant, imaginative and important young writers.

"Mr. Bradbury is a very great and unusual talent."
Christopher Isherwood, TOMORROW

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Interior text

The people of earth came to Mars

They came because they were afraid or unafraid, happy or unhappy. There was a reason for each man. They were coming to leave something or find something or get something, or to dig up something or bury something. They were coming with small dreams or big dreams or none at all.

The first men were few, but the numbers grew steadily. There was comfort in numbers. But the first Lonely Ones had to stand alone.

The Martian Chronicles is the story of familiar people and familiar passions set against the incredible beauties and terrors of a new world.