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After Worlds Collide

by Philip Wylie and Edwin Balmer

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Paperback Library

Pub year: 1968

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

A handful of supermen colonize a distant planet — the brilliant sequel to When Worlds Collide

Back cover text

When the group of survivors from Earth landed on Bronson Beta, they expected absolute desolation. This Earth-like planet from another universe had been hurtling through space, cold and utter darkness for countless millennia. All life should have perished millions of years ago.

But the Earth-people found a breathtakingly beautiful city, encased in a huge, transparent metal bubble; magnificent apartments filled with every luxury; food for a lifetime in the vast, empty kitchens; but with no trace either of life — or death.

Then the humans learned that they were not alone on Bronson Beta....

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Interior text

The planet Earth had been destroyed!

Only a small group of people — saved at the eleventh hour — managed to leave Earth and get to Bronson Beta. They thought they were the sole survivors of all humanity.

Alone in a strange world where a nameless race had once built magnificent cities, they faced the problem of survival.

Then they made a startling discovery — they were not alone on Bronson Beta. Were the others survivors of the People of the Past — or emigrants from Earth?

Most frightening of all was the knowledge that this unknown group was determined to see the Earthmen destroyed!