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The Martian Way And Other Stories

by Isaac Asimov

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1957

Cover price: 35¢


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Thrilling Adventures in Space by a Master of Science Fiction

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A killer planet that destroys its inhabitants...
Life on Mars threatened by a water war with Earth...
Spacemen who invade the bodies of people on other planets...

These are just a few of the amazing situations in this wonderful collection of adventures into the future by a master science fictionist.

"Good science fiction and well-written."
— Columbus Dispatch

Isaac Asimov, one of the outstanding science fiction writers, is also a biochemist and teacher at the Boston University School of Medicine. The Martian Way and Other Stories was originally publishing by Doubleday and Co.

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Interior text

Worlds of the Future

This first-rate collection of thrilling adventures in space includes two novelettes and two short stories by one of today's most gifted science fiction writers.

The Martian Way — When a ruthless Earth politician threatens the pioneers on Mars by cutting off their water supply, a daring spaceman takes a desperate journey to ice-ringed Saturn.

Youth — Two innocent boys almost precipitate inter-planetary warfare when they attempt to make pets out of some queer creatures they discover and cage in a country barn.

The Deep — A scout from a dying civilization is shocked by what he learns about the strange surface life on Earth.

Sucker Bait — Scientists investigating the strange death of a thousand men and women on a killer planet are saved from extinction by the fantastic memory of a youth they despise.

Full of breathless suspense and intriguing speculations about the world of the future, The Martian Way is immensely entertaining reading.