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From the Earth to the Moon

by Jules Verne

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Crest

Pub year: 1958

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

"Jules Verne's classic novel about a trip to the moon was an amazing piece of literary prophecy. Now, almost a hundred years later, this fabled journey is coming true." Willy Ley

Back cover text

The prophetic novel by the greatest science-fiction writer of all time

Long before Sputniks and Vanguards were born, a writer named Jules Verne told a strange story about three men who set out on a fantastic Journey — a trip to the moon. Today's rockets blasting their way through space are but souped-up versions of his famous Columbiad, that glorified cannonball which transported Verne's heroes out of earth's envelope.

From the Earth to the Moon is more than a great science-fiction novel. It is a thrilling adventure into the human mind — a superb demonstration of how man's intuition and imagination previews the unknown worlds of tomorrow and shapes the forces of the future.

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Interior text

"No more wars! Impossible!"

You may not believe it, but there was once a period in out history when it looked as though there would be no more wars. Stranger still, there was a very important and active group who lamented this fact. This was the famous Gun Club of America — a talented and gallant group who invented and shot off some of the best guns in the world. Infuriated at the thought of not being able to invent bigger and better guns, they angrily shook their artificial limbs at one another until finally they hit upon a most remarkable solution....

They decided to build a gun so powerful that it could send a missile to the moon — a missile that would hold three men and assorted paraphernalia. How they built this amazing device, how they launched it and what the three travelers found on their expedition makes for one of the greatest adventures ever written — an exciting journey through space that has become one of the classics of science fiction.