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Way Station

by Clifford D. Simak

Cover artist: Jack Faragasso

Publisher: MacFadden

Pub year: 1969

Cover price: 60¢


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Book detail for Way Station

Cover tagline

He was the only Earthman allowed to communicate with the inter-galactic universe — and the only chance to maintain peace on earth was through his WAY STATION

Back cover text

Enoch Wallace looked like any other man on Earth — except that

— time (about 100 years) had passed, and he showed no signs of aging

— his house was invulnerable against destruction from any weapon known to man

— in his family cemetery a tombstone inscribed in an unknown language guarded the grave of an alien horror

For years no one had invaded the solitude of his lonely farm. But now the watcher on Earth were closing in on him, determined to solve the mystery of who — or what — it was that went under the name of Enoch Wallace — man, magician, or nonhuman creature from an alien planet.

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Interior text

The keeper of inter-galactic Way Station 18327 had one purpose: to prepare Earth to join the other races of the universe

The alien planets had many things that Earth lacked: eternal peace and prosperity, advanced knowledge of the sciences and arts. And they were willing to share their benefits — provided that Earth showed signs of being civilized.

As the only Earthman in touch with the universe, the keeper of Way Station 18327 was beginning to hope that his fellow men might prove worthy. Then his plans started to go wrong — beginning with a grave robbery and a kidnapping, and ending on the night when an ignorant, howling mob tried to penetrate the innermost secrets of the way station.