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War With the Robots

by Harry Harrison

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Panther

Pub year: 1976

Cover price: $1.95


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Cover tagline

Bestselling author of the Deathworld series

Back cover text

It's a man's world — but a robot's future...

One day, the tough, dangerous, dirty jobs will be done by robots:

— Superhumanly strong and invulnerable soldiers, with a built-in killer instinct.

— Miners and sandhogs who can work on distant planets too deadly for man.

— Incorruptible judges, fearing neither political pressure nor criminal vengeance.

— Librarians with total knowledge instantly available...

Harry Harrison has painted a chilling yet piercingly prophetic picture of the Robot Age: a time when a man's 'slave' machines have learned their own strength — and the weaknesses of their masters!

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Interior text

"There is no danger to the command post," the robot adjutant's metallic voice said.

"But the temperature's rising — it's unbearable in here," General Pere protested.

"The enemy heating devices are being neutralized; the temperature will not rise to a dangerous level," the robot answered.

"How hot will it get? It's almost more than we can stand now!" Pere winced away from the burning metal wall.

"Five hundred degrees."

"Five — But that will kill everyone here!"

"Yes," the adjutant said, "But the robots are capable of operating the post ... You humans are now of no importance!"