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Rare Science Fiction

Edited by Ivan Howard

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Belmont

Pub year: 1964

Cover price: 50¢


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Prize-winning stories by masters of the weird and fantastic —

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Science fiction prize-winners

Let's Have Fun by L. Sprague de Camp
Do it Yourself by Milton Lesser
In Human Hands by Algis Budrys
Protective Camouflage by Charles V. de Vet
Asylum by Alice Bullock
Quick Freeze by Robert Silverberg
Luck, Inc. by Jim Harmon
Ripeness by M.C. Pease

Here is the thrill of discovery that comes rarely to the science fiction fan: Great tales b the modern masters — appearing for the first time in any book. This is truly the cream of the crop!

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Interior text

Warped Creatures
Perverted Science
Machines That Think
... And Hate ...

Here are 8 high-voltage shockers that will stand your hair on end and chill the marrow of your bones.

L. Sprague de Camp and the other top writers warn you: this is not a book for readers who have nightmares!