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Islands in the Sky

by Arthur C. Clarke

Cover artist: Vincent Di Fate

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1981

Cover price: $1.95


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The sky's the limit!

And when Roy Malcolm won the World Airways prize of a trip to any place on Earth, that's exactly what he demanded — a free ride to the Inner Station, which orbited around Earth within the thousand-kilometer limit and therefore, by law, was considered part of the planet.

It wasn't long before Roy won his argument and was on his way. But much more than a visit to a working space station awaited him. Roy was soon to embark on a danger-filled adventure that would take him far past the orbit of the Inner Station on a journey beyond his wildest dreams....

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Interior text

Missile of Death

It was painted a very bright red. An odd color for anything in space, for red was the sign of danger. It was only fifty feet beyond their port, drifting ... silent, mysterious, ominous. As it slowly revolved, a black pattern on a white background came into view, a pattern only to terrifyingly familiar. Then, there was no longer any reason for doubt. For on the side of the approaching missile they saw a skull and crossbones....