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2nd Foundation: Galactic Empire

by Isaac Asimov

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1953

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

A brilliant scientist plots the course of future cosmic history — to save earth's galaxy from destruction!

Back cover text

The Decline and Fall of The First Galactic Empire! Eon of Crisis —

It happened this way:

In the distant future, Man spread to a million worlds circling the blazing suns of the Milky Way —

Earthmen and aliens formed vast units, seething with old lusts and new passions ... and the pattern of history repeated itself —

The mighty culture of this First Galactic Empire was now crumbling into anarchy and decay!

For this Eon of Crisis, Hari Seldon, famous psycho-historian, having foreseen the 30,000 years of interstellar barbarism that would follow, established the Second Foundation — a secret society of scientists.

Their aim: to save the universe — if need be at the cost of their own lives!

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Interior text

Isaac Asimov's Great Science-Fiction Novel —

The mathematics of space, time and — destruction!

Amidst the barbaric ruins of the 1st Empire, Dr. Seldon, last of the great philosopher-scientists, planned the rebirth of Galactic culture in a 2nd scientifically controlled Empire — and formed the secret 2nd Foundation to direct the historical course of the Cosmos.

Here is a breathtaking novel of the far future — of mighty movements clashing over the destiny of the Universe ... of scientists, saboteurs, spies — and of THE MUTANT, the fantastic man whose single goal was to destroy the 2nd Foundation and become absolute master of mankind!