Vital statistics

Space Plague (Highways in Hiding)

by George O. Smith

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Avon

Pub year: 1956

Cover price: 35¢


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Book detail for Space Plague (Highways in Hiding)

Cover tagline

One of "The Best Science-Fiction Novels of 1956"
— Anthony Boucher
The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

Back cover text

"Absolutely first-rate" science fiction
— Dallas Times Herald

A fantastic story of disappearance and chase in one man's weird and terrifying race with time and unseen enemies to locate and stop a dread menace that struck slowly and painfully — from outer space!

"You'll go for this if you like suspense, crackling hard-boiled dialogue and a touch of Superman!"
— Galaxy Science Fiction

"An intriguing ... use of telepathy and extrasensory perception."
— Science Review

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Interior text

Mekstrom's Menace...

Symptoms: Usually begins with a callous on the toes or fingers ... crawls slowly up hands, legs, until the flesh becomes hard as rock, taut as steel.

Case History: Diseased parts are treated, but the crawl continues, inexorably, at 1/64 of an inch per hour until — it reaches the vitals....

Cause: Unknown — except for one thing — it came from outer space. It was spread by unknown, deadly beings whose sole aim was to keep it spreading — UNTIL ALL THE WORLD WAS IN THEIR POWER!

Cure: If there was one, these creatures knew it — and one man, Steve Cornell, was determined to find and stop them AT ANY PRICE!

"Moves with a force and vitality that is missing of late."
— American Book Collector