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Galactic Cluster

by James Blish

Cover artist: Paul Lehr

Publisher: Signet

Pub year: 1959

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

Superb stories of outer space — where the unexpected is an everyday occurrence ... the unforeseen an ever-present danger.

Back cover text

The Unforeseen

Two men alone on a space station — an over-zealous colonel and the civilian who tries to talk him out of dropping three hydrogen bombs on Washington, D.C.

A seductive actress signs up for the maiden flight of a space ship so that she can track down the husband who jilted her.

A fiendishly clever agent infiltrates a top-secret government project and threatens the very existence of Earth.

James Blish's starkly realistic stories mirror the perils of the world of the future — a world where scientists can master the intricacies of space travel but cannot yet control the mind ... of man.

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Interior text

The Unexpected

Tomb Tappers who can read the minds of dead men

A beautiful girl who can predict the future with 100 per cent accuracy

An alien planet ruled by a race of giant worms

These are some of the fantastic stories of this electrifying collection, each revealing the unmistakable genius of James Blish. Each takes you on a shattering journey into the future where only superhuman courage can conquer the infinity of terror.

"A rare Martian orchid to James Blish for giving us science fiction in its purest form."
— New York Herald Tribune