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Edited by Noel Keyes

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Paperback Library

Pub year: 1963

Cover price: 50¢


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Man faces extra-terrestrial life in [Contact]

Back cover text

We may no longer be alone in the universe — perhaps we never have been

The ultimate possibility — that life exists beyond earth — is no longer a fantasy but the subject of scientific experimentation. Humans and extra-terrestrial beings may be making contact today — certainly tomorrow.

The first, explosive, grappling instant of encounter between Man and Alien is the subject of this extraordinary journey of man's imagination into the unknown, by the masters of Science Fiction:
Ray Bradbury
Harry Walton
Robert Scheckley
Murray Leinster
Ian Williamson
Howard Koch
Frederic Brown
Fritz Leiber
Peter Phillips
Howard Fast
Clifford D. Simak
Isaac Asimov

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Interior text

At the moment of contact, when man first meets beings from outer space, how will we recognize the alien?

Can we assume that we will be able to see, hear, feel or smell the alien?

If we do, will we be able to communicate with it?

The alien may be friendly, hostile or indifferent. But if it has no mouth, no voice, no method of transmitting its thoughts — if it has thoughts — how can we find out?

It may have a purpose. And then again it may not. But how can we know if we've never experienced anything like it before?

CONTACT represents the efforts of the world's greatest science fiction writers to provide the answer to a question which may confront us in actuality tomorrow. What will man's inevitable contact with extra-terrestrial life be like?