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Crashing Suns

by Edmond Hamilton

Cover artist: Edward Valigursky

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1965

Cover price: 40¢


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Cover tagline

Red alert for the Interstellar Patrol

Back cover text

Crashing Suns

From mighty Canopus, capital of the Federated Stars, to the outer fringes of our great galaxy, the Interstellar Patrol was on the watch. Rogue suns, marauding alien intelligences, man-made comets driven by their makes for the conquest of unsuspecting worlds, diabolical conspiracies hatched in the depths of unmapped nebulas — it was the business of the Patrol's mighty spaceships to guard against such cosmic dangers.

CRASHING SUNS is the epic account of this future space legion, where volunteers from a thousand worlds man the mighty starcraft of a hundred thousand years to come. It's interplanetary adventure on the classic scale, by the master hand of Edmond Hamilton.

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Interior text

On Guard for the Galaxy!

"You know, Ran Rarak, that the universe is composed of great clusters of suns, separated from each other by billions of light-years of space, and that our own sun is situated at the very edge of our Galaxy. Beyond lie inconceivable depths of space never crossed by the ships of the Federation fleet or by anything else.

"Three weeks ago, however, our astronomers discovered that a gigantic dark star is approaching from that realm of infinite space, racing toward our Galaxy at an inconceivable velocity. Their calculations showed that it would speed past our Galaxy's edge, no closer than some fifteen billion miles. There was no possibility of danger from it, therefore.

"But during these last weeks the star's path has changed, and it is now curving inward toward our Galaxy. It will now pass our own sun a t a distance of less then three billions miles — and when this titanic dead sun passes so close to us there can be but one result: inevitably our own sun will be caught by the powerful gravitational grip of the dark star and carried out with all its planets into the depths of infinite space, never to return!"