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Sinister Barrier

by Eric Frank Russell

Cover artist: Edward Valigursky

Publisher: Paperback Library

Pub year: 1966

Cover price: 50¢


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Cover tagline

"Greatest imaginative yarn of two decades ... it will go down in history along with H.G. Wells' War Of The Worlds"
— Unknown Magazine

Back cover text

Time — 21st century
Place — America
Crisis — A world gone mad
President's warning — destroy the Viton menace — or Earth has only 80 hours to live!

Bill Graham was among the scientists and government leaders left who heard the President's message. He shuddered at the thought of the last Viton rampage of kidnapping, ghastly murder and madness.

Hidden somewhere in the vastness of the galaxy, the hideous blobs of Viton, that fed on men's fears and emotions, planned a last-ditch attack to destroy the universe.

Only Bill Graham had a one-in-a-million chance to stop them. But the Vitons were so deadly that even to think about them risked instant annihilation.

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Interior text

The day Earth had only 80 hours to live!

Bill Graham, special investigator, had only 80 hours in which to save Earth from total destruction by the Viton terror — an invisible evil so deadly that man risked madness and death by merely thinking about it.

SINISTER BARRIER is a truly fascinating tale, a hair-raising science-fiction adventure novel certain to win the acclaim of every s-f fan. Eric Frank Russell is one of the enduringly great names in modern science-fiction. Among his outstanding novels have been WASP and THE GREAT EXPLOSION.