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by A.E. Van Vogt

Cover artist: Vincent Di Fate

Publisher: DAW

Pub year: 1977

Cover price: $1.25


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Cover tagline

Intelligence Quotient Ten Thousand

Back cover text

A.E. Van Vogt

Research Alpha sought the answer to the ultimate intelligence — and also to certain problems of other intelligent beings sharing our galaxy.

Research Alpha sought the reason for humanity's very existence in a vast and apparently hostile cosmos.

Research Alpha found answers they never expected. What they found ultimately lead to...

Point Omega — when man becomes one with totality!

SUPERMIND reveals the classic science-fictional hand of A.E. van Vogt. Here is science fiction in the grand old style!

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Interior text

Take a sentient being —

Everyone aboard the Dreegh super-ship that flew to the moon Europa in thirty hours (instead of many weeks) fitted that description: the Dreeghs, Pat, Professor Ungarn, and the sleeping Hanardy.

They had brought along Hanardy's freighter to be their landing craft. They came down without incident into Hanardy's permanent spaceship berth in Spaceport, the large moon's principal city.

Consider any sentient person —

That includes a man asleep ... like Hanardy.

There he lies, helpless. In that fourth sleep stage that Hanardy was in — the deep delta-wave stage — push at him, hit him. Roll him over. It is enormously difficult to awaken him. Yet it is in this state that a person can act out a sleep-walker's strange goal.

Force this sentient individual to interact with a grossly vast universe....