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Pebble in the Sky

by Isaac Asimov

Cover artist: Richard Powers

Publisher: Galaxy Science Fiction

Pub year: 1953

Cover price: 35¢


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Pebble in the Sky
By Isaac Asimov

It began when Joseph Schwartz was walking down a street in Chicago, past the Institute for Nuclear Research. He raised one foot in the twentieth century; he lowered it in Galactic Era 827, the victim of an odd accident inside the Institute involving an experiment with crude uranium.

Schwartz awoke to a strange world — he was still on Earth, but at a time when all the planets of the Galaxy were inhabited, and the people of Earth were outcasts, suffering vindictive discrimination because their tiny world was radioactive!

His subsequent adventures involved Schwartz in a brewing revolution of the Earth militarists, and a romance between the daughter of an eminent Earth scientist and a young Galactic archaeologist. Then, suddenly, it was the little retired tailor from Chicago who found himself the only man who could avert the impending cosmic disaster. But Schwartz, homesick and confused, wasn't sure he even cared!

Combining tenseness, irony, romance, and fast action with a basis of really intriguing science, Pebble in the Sky is a truly ingenious tale of the far-distant future.

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