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Off Center

by Damon Knight

Cover artist: Jack Gaughan

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1965

Cover price: 45¢


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A scintillating science-fiction collection

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Part of Ace Double: The Rithian Terror

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"A brilliant craftsman!"
— Alfred Bester, Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

The room was quiet; the man in front of the mirror was the only living thing there, and he was too horrified to utter a sound.

In the mirror, five faces stared back at him: one young and ruddy, which was his own, and four that did not belong in that place at all, for they were wrinkled, malevolent, small as crabapples and as blue as smoke.

So begins Damon Knight's "Be My Guest," a story of the human race possessed by things that were — well, not exactly demons ... but not exactly not demons, either.

It's just one of the unpredictably imaginative tales in this fascinating collection by a modern master of science-fiction.