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Tales of Outer Space

Edited by Donald A. Wollheim

Cover artist: Mort Lawrence

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1954

Cover price: 35¢


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Great Interplanetary Adventures by Clifford D. Simak, L. Ron Hubbard, Fox B. Holden, Poul Anderson, Ralph Williams

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Part of Ace Double: Adventures in the Far Future

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Interplanetary Epics

The most thrilling things to come will be the daring exploration and conquest of distant worlds. Here, in this brand-new science-fiction anthology, are five unforgettable novelettes which contain all the different types of excitement and peril that will follow the opening up of the universe to the rocket men.

Ralph Williams tells the strange story of the first break-away from Earth. Fox B. Holden introduces us to Mars and the incredible inheritance that waits there. Clifford D. Simak presents a mystery of one world's inhuman inhabitants. Poul Anderson spins a cosmic web of the coming galactic empire. And L. Ron Hubbard tears through the veil of space itself to pose a turning point in humanity's interplanetary epic.

TALES OF OUTER SPACE is an original collection of top science-fiction by top writers.

Doorway in the Sky
They thought their ship was the first to break into outer space until they spotted that derelict!

Here Lie We
The Martians had power, science, and experience — yet they were helpless before a fate that left Earthmen fearless!

Operation Mercury
No one knew whether the weird mimic of the Sunward Side was harmless — or crazy like a fox!

Lord of a Thousand Suns
He was just a man without a world until a certain space soldier blundered!

Behind the Black Nebula
With all the resources of super-science behind them, they still fought a losing war against that leaderless horde!