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The Galactic Breed

by Leigh Brackett

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1952

Cover price: 35¢


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Part of Ace Double: Conquest of the Space Sea

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"A sweeping and dramatic story of interstellar civilization."
Philadelphia Daily News

Though he was born and raised on today's Earth, Michael Trehearne always knew he was different. There was something about him that yearned for alien skies and other worlds. But until he unexpectedly bumped into the mysterious woman named Shairn, he never realized the whole startling truth — that he belonged to THE GALACTIC BREED.

How Trehearne fought to regain his starry birthright, how he thrust himself into the middle of a desperate struggle that stretched from one end of the universe to the other, make a gripping and highly exciting novel of the secret interstellar empire that exists at this very moment!

Cast of characters

Michael Trehearne
He could claim his inheritance only by enduring an ordeal no Earthling could possibly survive.

The gifts she bought in New York stores would go to friends over a trillion miles away!

He believed that space travel should be the privilege of every intelligent being wherever born.

He believed that space travel should be a rigid monopoly barred from "inferior" peoples.

He had invented a key to the stars and found it a Frankenstein monster.

He longed for distant worlds — and his reward was horror.