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The Space Willies

by Eric Frank Russell

Cover artist unknown

Publisher: Ace

Pub year: 1958

Cover price: 35¢


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Cover tagline

You can't keep an Earthman down

Back cover text

Part of Ace Double: Six Worlds Yonder

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Interior text

An Earthman's tongue is his deadliest weapon

There was a common understanding in the Space Navy that scout-pilots were a breed apart — cocksure, reckless, and slightly nuts. But it was also understood that when a really dangerous job had to be done, a scout-pilot was the man to do it.

So for John Leeming, a couple months of dodging death in a one-man ship, zipping in and out of the enemy Combine's rearguard, was just another one of those jobs. And there was no man in the Universe more surprised than Leeming when his heretofore indestructible ship just gave up the ghost smack in the middle of a Combine-held prison planet!

It was then that the spirit of the Scout Corps had its chance to shine. With self-confidence as his only weapon, Leeming had only two choices: give in to the enemy and be captured ... or quick-talk them into a real case of THE SPACE WILLIES!

Cast of Characters

John Leeming
His life depended on his proving a lie.

Mayor Snorkum
When it came to "lapping a pie," the mayor couldn't be beaten.

Major Klavith
He had a habit of taking fact for fiction — and fiction for fact.

Commodore Keen
There was nothing more important to this commander than a properly zipped zipper!

Eustace Phenackertiban
His intelligence was such that he was commonly known as "Brain Child."

Colonel Farmer
He sometimes mistook the scout-pilot barracks for a day nursery.